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Navia's Leave of Absence service removes the burden of collecting premiums from members who cannot have funds deducted through payroll. A coupon booklet for the premium due is mailed or emailed to the member and a dedicated customer service unit is provided to handle any and all member questions. Members have the ability to pay by check, auto-debit, or online with a credit card or checking account. All collected premiums are remitted to the employer monthly, along with reporting all activity for the prior month by member.

Don't lose money on unpaid premiums
Navia’s monthly reports give employers complete transparency into any unpaid premiums and provide peace-of-mind that you are not losing money.

Leave the paper behind; get transparency
Employers can administer and check the status of their members directly, and members can manage their benefits and payments without relying on mail or faxes.

Eliminate difficult phone calls with participants
Navia has a dedicated, live customer service team. Members contact us directly with their questions; removing the ongoing support burden on employers.

Offload the administrative burden on Navia
Direct Billing is more than sending notices. Navia provides it all: payment collection and administration, reminder notifications, monthly reporting, and direct customer service.

Benefits of Navia's Leave of Absence Direct Billing Service

Navia Leave of Absence Direct Billing Service