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While most employers have supplied essential equipment such as laptops, keyboards, and monitors during the transition to work-from-home, many employees need additional products and services to make home offices productive and ergonomically safe. Items such as ergonomic chairs, lighting, adjustable height desks, noise cancelling headsets, and faster Wi-Fi can make dramatic improvements in home office productivity and reduce the risk of repetitive motion and other stress-related injuries that are caused by improper working conditions. Here some of the items you can offer with this service:

Eligible home office reimbursement ideas

Navia Home Office Reimbursement Service

Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi Accessories
Home Wi-Fi bills
Wi-Fi extenders / boosters
Desks & Desk Accessories
Adjustable Height Desks
Desk (ergonomic & regular)
Desk accessories (Rests, Holders, 
   Lighting, etc.)
Electric desk
Standing desk mat
Standing desk  
Chairs & Seating Accessories
Chair (ergonomic & regular)
Seating accessories
Seat rest
Support cushions

Noise cancelling earphones


Laptop Accessories
Laptop accessories
Laptop elevator
Laptop stand
Laptop table
Metal holder for laptop
Monitors & Monitor Accessories
Monitor accessories
Monitor arm
Monitor riser
Computer Accessories
Additional cords for work from home (chargers, power strips, cord connectors, etc.) 
Anti-glare Screen
Computer accessories
Computer riser
Keyboard tray
Pointing devices
Privacy panels
Wrist rest

Office Supplies & Storage
Document Holder
Filing cabinet
Lamps & lighting
Office supplies (notebooks, pens)
Storage and organization
Home Care/Self-care
Aromatherapy (e.g. essential oils, diffuser, etc.)
COVID-19 Supplies (cleaning supplies, Lysol, Sanitizer, Masks, Wipes, hand sanitizer)
Foot massager
Handheld Massagers
Sun lamp